Dr Gholamreza Hajargasht

Reza Hajargasht


Research School of Economics

Senior Lecturer
Research areas
  • Applied and Theoretical Econometrics
  • International Comparison of Prices and Income
  • Income Distribution and Inequality Measurement
  • Productivity Analysis

Reza is a broad econometrician with interests in income and wealth inequality, price indexes, purchasing power parities and productivity measurement. Reza’s works have been published in top econometrics and top field journals related to well-being and productivity including Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Review of Income and Wealth, and Journal of Productivity Analysis. Reza has received invited presentations to a number of local and international conferences including Asia-Pacific Productivity WorkshopStatistical Society of AustraliaEuropean Productivity Workshop (his paper was nominated as one of the three most interesting papers in EWEPA 13) and a funded presentation at Princeton University in 2017. He is one of the founding members of Melbourne’s Bayesian Research Group and Melbourne Bayesian Workshop. He was one of the chief investigators of a $270000 ARC discovery grant from 2017-2021 titled “Just How Reliable are World Bank’s Purchasing Power Parities”. He is also one of the main contributors to the UQICD version 3.

Research publications

Selected Publication


Rao D.S. Prasada and G. Hajargasht (2016), Stochastic Approach to Computation of Purchasing Power Parities in the International Comparison Program (ICP), Journal of Econometrics, 191(2), 414–425.

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Neguyen J, A. Valadkhani and G. Hajargasht (2021), The Choice between Renewables and Non-renewables: Evidence from Electricity Generation in 29 Countries, Energy Journal, DOI: 10.5547/01956574.42.6.jngu.

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