Nabeeh Zakariyya


Research School of Economics

Postdoctoral Fellow
Room 2119, Copland Bld (24)
Research areas


Public economics.


Nabeeh is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Research School of Economics at the Australian National University. My main research focuses on fiscal policy and how it affects economic efficiency, social welfare and inequality. 

Please check out research projects page on his personal website for details of his ongoing work.

Research publications

Tran, C., & Zakariyya, N. (2021). Tax Progressivity in Australia: Facts, Measurements and Estimates. The Economic Record, 97(316), 45-77.

Other peer-reviewed publications:

Kubiszewski, I., Zakariyya, N., Costanza, R., & Jarvis, D. (2020). Resilience of self-reported life satisfaction: A case study of who conforms to set-point theory in Australia. PloS one, 15(8), e0237161.

Kubiszewski, I., Zakariyya, N., & Jarvis, D. (2019). Subjective wellbeing at different spatial scales for individuals satisfied and dissatisfied with life. PeerJ, 7, e6502.

Kubiszewski, I., Jarvis, D., & Zakariyya, N. (2019). Spatial variations in contributors to life satisfaction: An Australian case study. Ecological Economics, 164, 106345.

Kubiszewski, I., Zakariyya, N., & Costanza, R. (2018). Objective and subjective indicators of life satisfaction in Australia: how well do people perceive what supports a good life?. Ecological Economics, 154, 361-372.

Rasheed, A. R., Abdulla, A., & Zakariyya, N. I. (2016). Vulnerability of different types of fishers to potential implementation of a management plan in a Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the Maldives. Marine Policy, 74, 195-204.

Research engagement and outreach

Articles and blog posts:

Labor is right to talk about well-being, but it depends on where you live, The Conversation, 21 February 2020.

Tax progressivity in Australia: things aren’t as simple as they seem, Austaxpolicy: Tax and Transfer Policy Blog, 28 March 2019.

Research mentions in the News:

Don't trust pollies to tell you the truth about tax’, by Ross Gittins. Sydney Morning Herald. 11th May 2019.

‘If you were satisfied with your life before, you’ll probably bounce back’, by Mariella Attard. Forbes. 22nd August 2020.



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EMET8001 Applied Micro-econometrics

EMET8002 Case Studies in Applied Economics Analyses and Econometrics

ECON3056 PPE Integration 3: Classic Literature in Politics, Philosophy and Economics

2015 - 2018 

ECON8901 Advanced Topics in Poverty, Public Policy and Development

EMET8005 Economic Models and Introductory Econometrics

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