ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research for Funding Commencing in 2012

Innovative Health Financing Systems under Demographic Shift

Dr Chung Tran

Project Summary Chung Tran

This project develops an analytical tool to investigate the challenge of financing health care under demographic shift and macroeconomic implications. By examining various designs of health insurance systems, it aims to identify a set of optimal cost-sharing strategies in response to such growing health care costs.

Life Choices and Policy: Policy Analysis with Non-standard Preferences

Dr Cagri Kumru

Project Summary Cagri Kumru

This research program takes as its point of departure the often-observed inconsistencies between the behaviour implied by standard economic consumer preference functions and individual and household behaviour that is actually observed. These inconsistencies have led to a range of suggestions for alternative formalisations of preferences in the Economics literature. More recently, there have been isolated attempts to embed these in life-cycle and overlapping generations (OLG) models, to explore their lifetime utility and aggregate economic impacts, and their implications for policy. This proposal will build on these contributions to systematise the exploration of non-standard preferences that aim to capture aspects of human behaviour such as temptation, lack of self-control, and myopia. It will take documented behavioural traits and formalise them to allow tractability within life cycle and OLG models.

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