Professor Martin Richardson


Research School of Economics

Phone number
+61 2 612 x5-3582
Room 2013, HW Arndt Bld (25A)
Research areas
  • Applied microeconomics
  • International Trade
  • Industrial Organisation

Martin Richardson has been at the ANU since 2003. Obtaining his PhD in Economics at  Princeton University, Martin has taught at Georgetown University in Washington DC and the University of Otago in New Zealand as well as at the ANU. He has published in international trade and applied microeconomics and has been an academic visitor at the University of Toronto, the Univérsité de Montréal, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Copenhagen Business School, University College Dublin, the University of Tübingen and Hitotsubashi University, amongst others. He has been a Lay Member of the NZ High Court since 2000.

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Research publications

Selected recent publications

Issue linkage versus ring-fencing in international agreements (with N.V. Long & F. Stähler).  The Scandinavian Journal of Economics (forthcoming).

International agreements, economic sovereignty and exit (with F. Stähler).  European Economic Review 120 Article 103326.  (2019). 

Media, fake news and debunking (with N.V. Long and F. Stähler).  Economic Record 95#310 (2019) 312-324.

Conflict of interest, disclosure, and vertical relationships: an experimental analysis (with P. Chen).  Economic Papers (2019).

East Asian Integration: Goods, Services and Investment (with L.Y. Ing and S. Urata (eds)). Routledge-ERIA Studies in Development Economics.  Routledge: Abingdon, U.K.: 2019.

Dimensions of Trade Policy.  World Scientific Studies in International Economics 63.  World Scientific Publishing: Singapore: 2018. 

On the “uniform pricing puzzle” in recorded music (with F. Stähler).  Information Economics and Policy 34 (2016) 58-66. 

Buy local?  Governmental incentives to ‘inform’ consumers (with F. Stähler).  The World Economy 39#5 (2016) 636-650.

Faddists, enthusiasts and Canadian divas: broadcasting quotas and the supply response (with S. Wilkie). Review of International Economics  23#2 (2015) 404-424.

Fair Trade (with F. Stähler).  Economic Record 90#291 (2014) 447-461.

Private and public incentives for mergers in the face of foreign entry (with Y. Fang). Review of Development Economics 14#3 (August 2010) 520-532

Commercial broadcasting and local content: cultural quotas, advertising and public stations. Economic Journal 116 (April 2006) 605-625.

Negative Gearing and the Taxation of Capital Gains in Australia (with G. Fane).  Economic Record 81#254 (2005) 249-261.

Quality and Congestion in Environmental Goods: The Road to the Wangapeka. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 43 #3 (2002) 477-496

Research grants and awards

2018   ARC grant: DP190103524 "Trade and investment in the face of declining international cooperation."  With Benedikt Heid and Frank Stähler.

2014 ANU CBE RSG grant: “Conflict of Interest, Disclosure, and Vertical Relationships:  An Experimental Analysis.”  With Paul Chen. 

2006   ARC grant: DP0665477 “An economic analysis of local content requirements in radio broadcasting: a model and an empirical investigation of the Australian experience”

2006   ANU CIGS grant: “Fair Trade”



International Economics (ECON 3103/4415/8015)

Strategic Thinking: An Introduction to Game Theory (ECON 2141)