Professor Alison Booth

Professor of Economics

Dr Evan Calford

Senior Lecturer

Dr Elena Capatina

Senior Lecturer

Emeritus Professor Bruce Chapman

Sir Roland Wilson Chair of Economics

Paul Chen

Honorary Associate Professor

Selwyn Cornish

Adjunct Associate Professor

Professor Simon Grant

Professor and John C. Harsanyi Chair of Economics

Professor Bob Gregory

Emeritus Professor

Dr Dana Hanna

Associate Dean (Education)

Professor Tim Hatton

Director of the Centre for Economic History

Dr Timo Henckel

Senior Lecturer

Dr Marina Iskhakova

Senior Lecturer

Dr Tina Kao

Senior Lecturer

Dr Cagri Kumru

Associate Professor

Professor George J Mailath

Goldsmith Economics Chair

Dr Sutanuka Roy

John Mitchell Fellow

Ronald Stauber

Associate Professor

Professor Rabee Tourky

Trevor Swan Chair, Director of RSE

Chung Tran

Associate Professor

Dr Thomas Yang

Senior Lecturer
Distinguished Adjuncts

Ross Gittins

Distinguished Adjunct

Professor Ed Prescott

Distinguished Adjunct Professor