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Situated in the heart of the nation’s seat of government on the campus of Australia’s foremost research university, the ANU Research School of Economics has a preeminent history. 

The Research School incorporates economists from four great departments at ANU. It has two Academic Organisational Units: The Economics Program (The Institute of Advanced Studies) and the School of Economics (The Faculties) which includes economists and econometricians from the old departments of Economics, Economic History, and Econometrics & Statistics.

As one of four Schools and the foundational Research School in the ANU College of Business and Economics*, the Research School of Economics offers a renowned undergraduate program in economics and highly desirable postgraduate programs including Australia's leading Masters and PhD programs. Widely published in leading journals in economics, our academics have received many awards and grants for their scholarship, as well as awards for the quality of their teaching. 

The Research School is home to four Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, two Fellows of the (International) Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory, and a Fellow of the Econometric Society (the pre-eminent society in economics). It is also a home to Nobel Prize winning macroeconomist Ed Prescott and distinguished economist George Mailath.

The Research School of Economics is a dynamic and exciting place for research and study. Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, an alumnus, a researcher or just a casual browser, we welcome you to our web site and we hope that these pages will provide you with the information you need about the work we do in the School.

The College of Business and Economics replaced the Faculty of Economics and Commerce (formerly, the Faculty of Economics)

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Research School of Economics (AOU# 222)

Economics Program (Institute of Advanced Studies AOU# D02)

School of Economics (Faculties AOU# L07)