2020 Young Economist Award

Markus Brueckner

Markus Brueckner has been awarded the 2020 Young Economist Award by the Economic Society of Australia.

The Award's aim is: 

To honour that Australian economist under the age of forty who is deemed to have made a significant contribution to one or more of economic thought, economic knowledge, and the application of economics to public policy and public debate.

Markus is deeply commitment to rigorous thinking and forthright open academic debate in Economics. He is also uncompromising in his belief that the theory of markets can lead to deep insights, with practical applications, in social policy. This is the second time that an ANU economist has been awarded the Young Economist Award, by Economic Society of Australia. The first was Andrew Liegh in 2011, who was the recipient of the award when the Research School of Economics was founded.

(The citation for the 2020 award will soon be available).