Macroeconomics Series No.4 - Man Hin(Iris) Chio (PhD Candidate, RSE, ANU)


Disability, Social Insurance and Employment in Australia: Trends, Correlates and Estimates


We study the social insurance role of disability support pension (DSP) in Australia, using three administrative and household survey datasets (HILDA, SIH and PLIDA). Our findings are as follows: (i) Health, labour force and marital statuses are the main demographic characteristics distinguishing DSP recipients from non-DSP recipients; (ii) Public transfers constitute more than 75% of DSP recipients' income; and (iii) The number of single DSP beneficiaries who remain unemployed or out of the labour force is increasing over time, whereas married DSP beneficiaries exhibit a different trend.

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Fred Gruen Economics Seminar Room (H.W. Arndt Bldg 25A)
Man Hin(Iris) Chio