Fajar Oktiyanto

Fajar Oktiyanto


Research School of Economics

PhD Candidate
Phone number
+61 2 612 57405
Room 2115, Copland Bld (24)

Fajar is a PhD candidate from the Research School of Economics at the Australian National University (ANU). Fajar received his master's degree in Economics from ANU and his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia. He is experienced working in the research industry, mainly in economic modelling for economic projection and policy simulation. He produced several papers on the interaction between monetary policy, macroprudential policy and the banking sector within the framework of DSGE in a small open economy. His recent research interest lies in the area of macroeconomics and development economics, primarily concerning monetary policy, income distribution and resource misallocations. He is currently working as an economist at the Central Bank of Indonesia and as a core member of the Macro Public Finance Lab @ANU. 

PhD panel

Assoc. Professor Chung Tran (Chair)

Assoc. Professor Timothy Kam

Assoc. Professor Firman Kartaadipoetra

Research areas

Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Monetary Economics


Journal article

  • Harmanta, H; Purwanto, NMA; and Oktiyanto, F (2014) " Banking Sector and Financial Friction on DSGE Model: The Case of Indonesia," Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking: Vol. 17: No. 1, Article 4. Link here
  • Oktiyanto, F; Harmanta, H; Purwanto, NMA; Rachmanto, A (2014) "Monetary Macroprudential Policy Mix under Financial Frictions Mechanism with DSGE Model," EcoMod2014 6840, EcoMod. Link here
  • Harmanta, H; Rachmanto, A; Oktiyanto, F; Idham, I (2014) "Interbank Market with DSGE Bank," Working Papers WP/12/2014, Bank Indonesia. Link here
  • Wimanda, R; Purwanto, NMA; Oktiyanto, F (2014) “The Determinant of Core Inflation in Indonesia,” Journal of BPPK: Vol. 7: No. 2. Link here

Book chapter

  • Synergy, Transformation and Innovation Towards an Advanced Indonesia. 2019 Economic Report on Indonesia. Bank Indonesia. Link here


ECON1102 Macroeconomics 1, Semester 1 2016

ECON1102 Macroeconomics 1, Semester 2 2022

ECON2012 Macroeconomics 2, Semester 2 2022

ECON8069 Business Economics, Semester 1 2023

ECON7074 Macroeconomic Analysis, Semester 2 2023

ECON8022 Macroeconomic Theory, Semester 2 2023

ECON6012 Optimisation for Economics and Financial Economics, Semester 1 2024

Scholarship and Research Grant


  • Bank Indonesia scholarship for postgraduate studies

Research grant

  • Centre for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) with the topic of "Trade Impact in Indonesia", 2023