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Answers to a number of our frequently asked questions can be found below. If you cannot find the answer to your question, use the ‘Contacts’ tab to find the relevant area that can assist you.

If you are applying for a position as a tutor at the Research School of Economics, please send your CV, statement of results, and previous SELTS (if any) to 
Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. Students who are studying towards a Bachelors of Economics will also be considered provided they are in their final year, and have achieved an HD mark in the course they wish to tutor in.

Where do I find the Semester Dates?

All the dates that you need to know for the year can be found on the University Calendar

How do I enrol in my courses?

Visit the page 'Enrol for the first time as a coursework student', to complete your enrolment successfully. You will need to complete the Task Wizard on ISIS before you will be able to enrol in your courses. For Late Enrolments please see the information on the CBE Enrolments web page under the "Late enrolments guide" Tab 

What if I need to swap or drop a course?

Most variations to your enrolment can be made using ISIS. Visit 'Swapping or dropping a course' to find out more information. It is important to take note of the semester dates to ensure you change your enrolment before census date. 

International students must be enrolled full-time (4 courses) to comply with Visa requirements. 

Who is my course convenor?

Your course convenor will be noted on your course outline and on Wattle. A list of courses is also available on the RSE Courses webpage

How do I get a student card?

Student cards are used for a number of purposes whilst you are studying at ANU. To find out how to obtain a student card, visit the 'Student cards' webpage.

How do I view my timetable?

All Timetabling information is available via the Timetabling webpage, including new teaching venues, timetable changes, tutorial locations and the 'Timetable Viewer' - which will list all tutorials, lectures and seminars run for the semester. 

Not sure where your class is being held? View the campus map

What if I have a clash?

In some instances students may experience a clash between their courses. If you experience a clash for your lectures, contact the School/s running the course (CBE list of courses) to see if other students have experienced the same clash and if the course is likely to be moved. If you have experienced a clash between a tutorial and lecture you will need to enrol in a different tutorial. 

NOTE: For RSE courses where student enrolments are very large or only 1 student is affected by a clash, the lecture time will not be shifted.

How do I enrol in tutorials?

Tutorial enrolments are done in Wattle. Once you have enrolled in your course via ISIS you will automatically get access to that course in Wattle (this can take up to 48 hours). Generally tutorial enrolments are opened after the first lecture, but see the corresponding course outline to confirm this.

How do I get access to course material?

There are a number of places that you can get information about a course. Programs and Courses will give a general overview of the course, the RSE Courses webpage has course outlines available and once you have enrolled in the course all material will be uploaded to Wattle.

Other enrolment information

Other enrolment related information i.e. Prerequisite Waivers, Retaking a course, Electives, Overloading and Late enrolment can be found on the 'Enrolment page' of the CBE website. 

Where do I get program advice?

The College of Business and Economics offers appointments for program advice, you can make an appointment on the College's 'Get Help' page.   

Where are tutor consults?

Lecturers and tutors often offer consult hours for students to attend, the times and locations of these consults are available in your course outline. If you are unsure of the exact location of a room, visit the reception desk on the ground floor of HW Arndt Building and ask where the rooms are. 

* Subject to change according to social distancing measures.

Where do I submit assignments?

Hard copy assignments are to be submitted in the assignment boxes located next to the Student office on Ground Floor in the HW Arndt Building. An assignment cover sheet or group assessment cover sheet must be attached. 

When are results released?

Final Exams: The release of results date is available on the  ANU Calendar

Deferred and Supplemenatry Exams: Resuts will only be available on ISIS seven to ten working days after the exam. No email or SMS notification will be sent to students.

How do I find out about Graduation?

Everything that you need to know about Graduation can be found on the Graduation webpage, including how to prepare for graduation, applying, academic dress etc. 

How do I apply for a Deferred Exam or extension on an assessment?

Please see information on how to do this here.

What if I can't attend my exam?

If you are unable to attend your exam, either mid-semester or final exam, then you need to apply for a Deferred Examination. More information on how to apply and FAQ's can be found on the 'Deferred examinations' webpage.  

What if extenuating circumstances affected my performance in an exam?

If you attended your exam or submitted an assignment that you feel you did not perform your best in because of extenuating circumstances then you may apply for Special Assessment Consideration. More information on criteria and how to apply is available on the 'Special assessment consideration' webpage. 

When are results released?

Final Exams: The release of results date is available on the  ANU Calendar

Deferred and Supplemenatry Exams: Resuts will only be available on ISIS seven to ten working days after the exam. No email or SMS notification will be sent to students.

How do I find the exam Timetable?

Centrally run exams i.e. not run in class or by your lecturer or tutor can be found on the 'Exams Manager' webpage. This includes mid-semester, final, deferred and supplementary exams. 

How do I view my exam?

RSE offers exam viewings to their students. To comply with social distancing measures, exam viewing procedures has changed.

For all enquiries relating to exam viewing, email

Where do I submit assignments?

Hard copy assignments are to be submitted to the assignment boxes located next to the Student Office on Ground Floor of the HW Arndt Building. An assignment cover sheet or the group assessment cover sheet must be attached.

What is general examination conduct at ANU?

The ANU 'Examination conduct' webpage lists details including admission to the room, permitted materials, seating arrangements, misconduct etc. 

When are Deferred or Supplementary Exams held?

Deferred (DA grade) and Supplementary (PX grade) exams may be scheduled during the Examination Period OR held in the evenings during the 1st week of the following semester. Students are expected to be available for examination during these periods. Holiday plans are not an acceptable excuse for missing an exam.

The Central Examinations Office manage the Deferred and Supplementary Exams. If you have received a grade of PX or DA the Examinations Office will send and an email to your ANU email advising you of the date, time and location of your exam.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Central Examinations Office

Results of Supplementary and Deferred Exam  will be published on ISIS, seven to ten working days after your exam. No email or SMS notification will be sent to students

Can I contact my course convenor or tutor between the exam period and the notification of results?

Students must not communicate with a course examiner about an examination you have undertaken in the period between sitting the examination and the formal release of results. Students who have received an interim grade of PX or DA must not communicate with a course examiner until their final result is released following the supplementary or deferred exam.

Please visit the 'Notification of Results' for more details. 

Course credit or exemption

Students who have studied at another institution may be elegible for credit or exemption. Find out more on 'Get course credit or exemption' including how to apply. 

Course overload

If you wish to study more than 4 courses in a semester you can apply to overload. Visit 'Overload your enrolment' for eligibility and how to apply. 

Deferred exam

If you cannot attend your scheduled exam, then you need to apply for a deferred exam. For eligibility and how to apply, visit the 'Deferred examinations' page. 

Special assessment consideration

If extenuating circumstances have affected your performance in a piece of assessment then you may apply for special assessment consideration. Visit the 'Special assessment consideration' page to find out how to apply.

Reducing your study load (International students)

As an international student on a student visa, you are expected to complete your course within the time given on your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). In most instances, this requires you to enrol in a full-time study load (24 units per semester), each semester until the completion of your program requirements. Find out more information about reducing your study load and how to apply on 'Reducing your study load as an international student'. 

There are potentially serious consequences to your eCoE and visa when reducing your study load.

Repeating a failed course

If you fail a course, you will be permitted to re-enrol in it in a subsequent semester should the course be available.  Visit the 'Repeating a failed course' page to find out how to apply.

Fee refund

Visit the 'Fee refund' page and complete the application form if you believe you are eligible to a refund.  

Late withdrawal

If you need to drop a course after the census date visit the 'Late withdrawal' webpage 

Degree transfer

Visit 'Transferring between degrees' if you are currently studying at ANU and want to change degrees. 

eCoE extension

If you are an international student who needs to extend your visa to meet your program requirements, visit the 'eCoE extension' page. 


Information in relation to Timetabling can be found on the Timetabling webpage, if you cannot find the relevant information on the webpage, you can email them.

If your enquiry relates to tutorial sign ups or clashes, please refer to our 'Start of Semester' tab. 

Examinations, Graduations and Prizes

Contact the Examinations, Graduations and Prizes office if you have questions about ceremonies, conferrals, examination times and locations as well as decisions on Deferred and Special Consideration applications. 

College of Business and Economics

Contact the College office if you are a CBE student who has program questions or needs program advice. They have a reception office on Level 2, Building 26c or visit their 'Contact Us' webpage.  


Contact the library if you need to ask questions about available books and services, details available on their 'Contacts & feedback' page. 

Wattle Support

You can either visit the AskANU desk in the Chifley library, call IT Service Desk on (02) 6125 4321 or log a job with IT if you are experiencing technical difficulties. The 'Help with Wattle' page may also assist you. 

ANU Security

ANU Security offer a range of services but if you need to contact them quickly, dial (02) 6125 2249. Other services offered by Security are available on 'Safety & security'. 

If the emergency is life threatening always call 000. 


'The ANU Students’ Association or ‘ANUSA’ is the peak representative body for all undergraduate students at ANU'

'ANUSA is made up of forty elected student representatives and a team of professional staff members. This includes two lawyers and two Student Assistance Officers who are here to provide free and confidential services to you!'

Visit the ANUSA website for more information. 

ANU Service Desk

The ANU Service Desk provides IT support for all ANU staff and students. To request support, log in to the ANU Service Desk using your ANU ID and Horus/ISIS password and submit your IT support request.

Other support and information is available on the 'Accessing help & support' webpage. 

How do I complain?

Please visit our 'student feedback' webpage for our complaints resolution process.