PhD Students on the Job Market


Nabeeh Zakariyya

Nabeeh Zakariyya's research interest are in the macroeconomic and distributional effects of fiscal policy reforms. His job market paper studies implications of progressive pension for designing an optimal progressive income tax code. His work also uses a dynamic general equilibrium overlapping generation model calibrated to Australia where pension payments are universally means-tested to direct benefits toward low income retirees and financed directly by progressive income tax.

Nabeeh has an impressive record of publications. He has published in the Economic Record, PLOS ONE, PeerJ, Ecological Economics, Solutions, and Marine Policy. Currently, he has three working papers. His research has been mentioned in the media of Forbes and Sydney Morning Herald. Nabeeh's primary academic supervisor is A. Prof Chung Tran.

Nabeeh has teaching experience in a variety of courses, including Advanced Topics in Poverty, Public Policy Development, Case studies in Applied Economic Analysis and Econometrics, Introduction to Economic Models, Microeconomics 1, Microeconomics 2, Advanced Econometrics I, Applied Micro-econometrics, Politics, philosophy, and economics III, Public Finance, Labour Economics, Topics in Economic History, Economic Growth, Intermediate Macroeconomics, and History of Economic Thought. He is also an active participant in conferences and seminars.

Nabeeh is good at using programming languages such as MATLAB, R, STATA, Python, and Fortran. He is also skilled at using quantitative methods such as Structural modelling, econometrics, and machine learning.

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