PhD Students on the Job Market

The following PhD Students are interviewing at the ASSA Meetings in January 2021

Junnan Zhang

Junnan Zhang's research interest is dynamic optimization. 

Junnan's research interest is dynamic optimization with a focus on showing existence and uniqueness of equilibria under nonstandard discounting conditions. His job market paper extends the core results of discrete time infinite horizon dynamic programming to the case of state-dependent discounting, a specification widely adopted in the macroeconomic and asset pricing literature. Junnan's work also covers applications of dynamic programming theory in production chain models.

Junnan is an aspirational young economist with an impressive early record. He has published in the Journal of Mathematical Economics, and currently has two R&Rs at the Journal of Economic Theory. Junnan's primary academic supervisor is Professor John Stachurski.

Junnan has teaching experience in economic forecasting, econometrics, and microeconomic theory, and he is a confident user of programming languages such as Python, Julia, Stata, and R.

For more information, please visit his personal website: