ANU Economics Network


The ANU Economics Network – dedicated to providing real world experience to future Economists who will influence the world.


The ANU Economics Network aims to provide current undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research students a platform to engage with domestic and international companies, government agencies and affiliated economic industries to identify and provide opportunities for ANU Economics students to access employment or work placement opportunities.


  • Establish a large membership within the ANU Economics Student community and a long term network beyond graduation.
  • Promote the study, appreciation and network of Economics at the ANU.
  • Create campaigns to establish links within Economics companies and industry.
  • Work with companies and industry to identify and provide work placement and job opportunities for current students.
  • Create an ongoing series of events to enhance the student experience including but not limited to seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops.

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2020 Executive



David Harvey - President

Hello everyone, I am your AEN president for 2020 and currently completing Bachelors of Economics and Arts (major in Indonesian). For me economics is the perfect discipline to study at uni, its intellectually interesting and fun to talk about (for me at least), highly employable and a genuinely useful tool to explain the world around us. I chose ANU economics to learn how to change society and our economy for the better and hopefully the AEN will help further your goals as an economics student, whether they are academic or professional.

My hope for the economics network is something that combines the intellectual side of economics and its approach to problems with ties to local industry to help for a genuine network that provides both professional and social benefits. We are going to run a combination of discussions on issues in the world and how economics approaches them, social events to bring economics students together and employer events where students can network and learn about where their degree can take them.

So whatever your motivations or interests may be please come along to our events and have a chat whether its about if bitcoin is still relevant or some bonding about your last economics exam.


Jiacheng Kang - Vice-President

Hi! I am Jiacheng Kang and I am a PhD candidate in economics. I have completed Master of Economics at ANU, and I am keen on doing economic research and engaging in a variety of economic activities. I feel honoured to be selected as the Vice-President in ANU Economics Network (AEN). As part of my role as Vice-President, I will extensively introduce AEN to whom interested in economics, assist in providing economic-related events, and try to establish links with economics institutions for our members to get in touch with industries and job market. I am looking forward to meeting you at AEN!


Rohin Singh - Secretary

“Economic growth and output expansion is meaningless unless it enhances the opportunities and freedom of the individuals in a society”, says Amartya Sen in his book, India and its contradictions. This is a quote I vividly remember from high school which struck my mind and blew the air of economics within me. Since then, I decided that I will become a professional economist on the lines of my favourite economist, Amartya Sen.

Now, I am a third year undergraduate student of economics with interests in development economics and macroeconomics, especially growth theory. I belong to the school of thought that every branch of economics, its theory and its empirical tools do have the answers to most of the issues facing the globe today. Even though they might be responsible for the issues, they hold the secret to its solution as well. As a student of economics I have realised that if one wants to ace in this magnificent subject, then it is salient to stay motivated during the training. Yes, one can read books, theories, articles and current affairs to keep the lamp lit, but perhaps sometimes it might not be sufficient.

Hence, I was impressed when last year ANU economics network was established. This has given an opportunity for ANU economics students to engage and interact with the real world of economics, which is not quite the case when one sticks to reading. I am proud and honoured to be elected the Secretary of this esteemed network which perfectly bridges the lacuna in economic training in the University.


Treasurer - Jeffrey Weng

Hello! My name is Jeffrey and I am a third-year undergraduate student studying Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I can always relate these four subjects to the latest news and headlines, but none of them alone presents a complete picture of our world. Being a science kid in high school, I struggled to cope with readings and research essays during the early stage of my undergraduate studies. But Economics was far more relatable than other subjects and it gave me the self-confidence to make progress in other subjects.

I am honoured to be the Treasurer of the ANU Economics Network in 2020. Apart from overseeing the financial administration of AEN, I will be collaborating with the rest of the AEN committee to offer you various opportunities to meet our academic staff at RSE and industry partners. As promised, I would like to ensure that AEN is not only a place where you network with others but also a place to develop professional skills.

If you have suggestions about AEN and would like to have a chat, you are more than welcome to reach out to me at

2019 Executive



President - Muhammad Hassaan Khalid

Hi everyone, My name is Muhammad Hassaan Khalid and I am the President of ANU Economics Network (AEN) for 2018-19. I am a postgraduate student studying economics, I have also done my undergraduate with honours in economics. Belonging to Pakistan, I have always been interested in learning how to make better economic policies that can help developing countries.

It is an honour for me to be a part of the network. My aim is to provide maximum benefits, through this platform, to students interested in an Economics career. Next year (2019) hopefully you will get to see a lot of new and exciting events happening in the Research School of Economics (RSE). If you want to get involved just drop us an email or meet any of the executive members. We are always keen for new ideas and feedback. Please feel free to meet me whenever you see me around, I am always up for a chat.


Vice-President - Sahibjeet Bains

Hello! I'm Sahibjeet and I'm in my second year of a Bachelor of Economics and Finance. The initial spark that set me on the path to studying economics was in year 6 when I read the famous/infamous 'Freakonomics' after thinking the cover page looked cool. I didn't really think much of economics again until I had to decide what I wanted to study at university. I remembered back to that initial experience in year 6, and decided to have deeper look into what it was all about - and remember being quite pumped about economics. I began to appreciate the power of good economics which was essentially that it could be used to help others improve their quality of life.

As part of my role as Vice-President I hope to run a variety of industry-integrated, networking and social events that add value to the academic experience of AEN students and further our future career prospects. I also aim to have events that can assist in providing greater relevance to what we are learning and display how our knowledge and skills can be used to influence positive change.


Secretary - Borys Rembiasz

Hi! My name is Borys Rembiasz and I am a second year undergraduate student of Finance, Economics and Statistics (Honours). I first moved to Australia in 2014 from Poland. In Australian high school I discovered economics, which is not a subject taught in Poland until university. I quickly got to like the freedom of thought economics allows and the argumentative skills it teaches that are applicable in all areas of life. And so that’s how I ended up in my current degree. It is an honour for me to be the Secretary of this newly-established network. I am looking forward to what AEN will bring in 2019 and how economics students can benefit from it!


Treasurer - Tian Xiao Shi

Hello! My name is Tian Xiao Shi (Txiao for short) and I am a second year undergraduate Economics/International Relations student. I am originally from Melbourne and in late November 2016, I made a relatively impulse decision to move up to Canberra for tertiary studies. My original plan was to study Science, however I really enjoyed learning Economics in my last two years of highschool; it allowed me to develop a more critical mindset and I think the Economics discipline really allows you to engage with a lot of societal and world issues.

I am super excited and honoured to be the Treasurer for the ANU Economics Network for this coming year. It has been a load of fun starting this Network from the ground up but there is still plenty left to do. I cannot wait to see what this Network will develop into; there is so much potential for growth, and I hope that as many of you as possible will get involved! I am really looking forward to 2019 and I hope that I get a chance to meet you all.


Director, Events - Mary-Rose Katcho

Hello! My name is Mary-Rose and I am in the second year of my undergraduate degree studying Economics/Commerce. From a young age my parents instilled within me an entrepreneurial spirit which allowed me to develop my passion for economics. Indeed, this drove me to relocate to Canberra from Sydney to further explore the many opportunities available to me. Although my original plan was to study a bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, I later realised that I was better suited to specialising solely in Economics. Unlike other disciplines, Economics encourages structured thinking while also delving into the influence it has on society in areas not limited to financial intermediaries. It is a great honour to be assuming the role of director of events for the ANU Economics Network and I am looking forward to seeing what the AEN has in store for all of us.


Director, Digital - Krishna Mohan Gogineni

Hi, my name is Krishna Mohan Gogineni (Krishna). At the ANU, I’m pursuing Master of Economics. I was born in Vizag, India, then moved to Auckland, New Zealand where I completed most of my schooling in Auckland Grammar, then to Melbourne pursuing my bachelors at Monash University till I finally found myself in Canberra in 2018. I call many places home, but it’s always the people I find, that I’ve carried with me after moving on. That’s what I believe this network is about. Wherever we all may end up, we’ll all know someone we can call to make things a little more familiar.

I did my Bachelor’s in Computer Science. A fair jump coming to Economics from IT but just as we solve problems with computers, we need to solve larger ones with Economics.

It’s a privilege to be the Director of Digital. As part of this role, I will be reaching out to Industry and external stakeholders. I aim to work with the rest of the team to help enable as many eager AEN students as possible to discover their prospects, and together build an invaluable network that will help our future careers.

Please feel free to say hello whenever you see me around, I am always up for a chat and willing to help when I can.


Director, Postgraduate Marketing - Jennifer Wang

Hi, I am Jennifer Wang (Zhejiao) from master of Economics program at ANU. Being a big fan of social science studies, I chose to study Economics at the Research School of Economics (RSE) because of its great academic capability of theorizing the world’s Economy through mathematical modelling, and statistical analysis. I am honoured to be selected as the director of postgraduate marketing in ANU Economics Network (AEN). In my understanding, my main duties are to tighten the connections among ANU postgraduate Economics students, to promote new social events relating to ANU Economics, and to enhance the communications of related parties. I am looking forward to working with the lovely executive team at AEN in the near future!


Director, Undergraduate Marketing - Todd O’Dea

Hello!, My name Todd O’Dea and I am a second year undergraduate student studying a double degree of Law and Economics. I first came across economics when in was in year 11 and it was time to choose the subjects I wanted to study. Without knowing too much about the subject I decided to choose economics and I’m glad I did because it has really changed the way I think and has given me a greater perspective on current economic issues happening within the World.

I am very proud to be the Director of Undergraduate Marketing of the ANU Economics Network and have a lot of faith in myself and the rest of the executive team to continue growing this network and bring you all the best possible experience next year through a variety of fun and informative events.